What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Terry and his staff go above and beyond!!"

"In and out quick and the people are not bad."

"Very nice service and friendly staff"

"Outstanding service. Terry and his employees go above and beyond expectations."

"Always great service! Great local business!"

"Love the people!!! Always greeted with a smile and always so helpful!"

"Moweaqua Pharmacy is a great Pharmacy that is filled with employees that care about their customers and it shows. They go above the call when it comes to their jobs. The personal touch that you receive is above what you usually find at the larger competition."

"Terry and his staff are top notch. Always going above and beyond. Always helping their customers find the best deal, etc. It is so nice to have a small town pharmacy helping in big ways. It truly makes a difference to their customers. I always recommend locals use our pharmacy if their insurance will allow. I could not WAIT to get our medications out of mail delivery and back to our local pharmacy. Thank you again!!"

"Love my team at Moweaqua Pharmacy! Everyone is always friendly, helpful, and willing to answer any questions I have."

"Love Terry and his staff. They are fast and efficient and care about those they are serving. If you have an issue or questions, all you have to do is ask. Customer service is top notch. Stop using those big box pharmacy that doesn't care about you."

"Love their app easy to use. Great people to help with any questions. Great location."

"Terry and Chris always look for the best option for each customer. Wonderful customer service!"

"Absolutely the best service guaranteed. All questions taken seriously, help is given freely and always left feeling like a VIP."

"Terry and Chris go above and beyond for their customers! Many times I have needed to find medications and they found them for me! They try their best to get our meds the lowest price they possibly can by searching for coupons, etc."

"Professional and courteous staff. Fast, efficient, knowledgeable — everything you could want in a pharmacy. Chief pharmacist Terry Traster, PharmD, and his staff of technicians are passionate workers and very serious about their important profession. Five stars."

"Good service and administration, helpful and knowledgeable of the trades brands"

"This Pharmacy and the people that work there are the best!!! Thanks Moweaqua Pharmacy!!"

"Very caring. So nice to interact with people that really care!"

You can help Moweaqua Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!